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SINNER'S LAUNDRY by John Lavelle*

The residents of Newport Women's Correctional Facility have all mysteriously vanished. Only two inmates remain, locked in rec-room number four. With nothing but some crappy boardgames and their imaginations, Sam and Jess must navigate their way towards salvation. Waiting for Godot meets Orange is the New Black meets The Book of Revelations in this sci-fi comedy that explores the divinity in all of us, and the power of redemption in the darkest of times.

Directed by: Becca Wolff

Cast: Courtney Sauls*  & Christine Woods*

* indicates IAMA Company member

REDLINE by Christian Durso*

A father's moment of road rage along a frigid eastern Sierra highway results in a nine car pile-up and splinters the relationship with his family forever.  The impact of this event ripples through years, into DNA, into the blood, as his estranged son tests the limits of forgiveness when he commits his own unspeakable tragedy.  RPMs red-line on this journey towards redemption.

Directed by: Eli Gonda*

Cast: James Eckhouse* and Graham Sibley*

* indicates IAMA Company member



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